Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today is a special day for Totally Orderly...

Today, literally TODAY, I’m celebrating TEN YEARS in business!

Happy Anniversary to Totally Orderly!

And where was I in 2004? Carpooling my little tots, still sharing an email address with my husband; my mental health career long forgotten.

I don’t know why I thought I could launch a business. I knew nothing about marketing, accounting, or strategic planning. ROI and COGS were acronyms too mysterious to research. But I could organize, and that was enough to get started.  

Fresh from the gate I learned this job was about much more than organizing. It’s about families and respect and values. It’s about success and feeling good and acceptance. My customers, hands down, are the best part of my job.  

And here are Ten Wisdom's & Lessons gleaned from my amazing Totally Orderly customers:
  1. Asking for help is a heroic act of bravery
  2. The generosity of some people is immeasurable
  3. Laughing at one’s self leads to incredible clarity
  4. A little order goes a long way
  5. The pursuit of perfection is probably pointless
  6. Our gifts and talents are meant to be shared
  7. Family, friends and experiences trump stuff
  8. Everything has energy – choose wisely what lives in your home
  9. Self-hatred is extraordinarily painful
  10. I’m not nearly as organized as I thought I was

Today I offer a heartfelt thank you to all the customers who have come in and out of my life these past ten years. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes, for sharing your struggles, for exposing your hurts. I’ve learned more from you than you from me – and for this I’m forever grateful.  


  1. Mazel tov on your first decade, and we'll be championing your successes (for yourself and your clients) in your next decade!