Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A "Back to School" DON'T for Summer Lovers

By now you’ve been inundated with Back to School Organizing tips. Many of them are tried and true - a few of my favorites:

  • Set up a Homework Zone
  • Create an easy Lunch station in the pantry
  • Designate a Drop Box for Mom’s papers

And for my not-so orderly friends who are already behind:

  • Find* and clean out last year’s backpack.
  • Order school supplies on-line (your local store sold out last week and replaced with Halloween costumes)
    *It’s near the back door. Probably contains a report card and half a sandwich.

    And here’s my Back to School “Don’t.” Ignore the tip that suggests putting your kids to bed early to prepare them for the coming schedule.  Some say do this for days or even weeks before the first day of school!

    My thoughts? Let them play! Summer is this short, precious little bit of time; and the end of summer, with the nights already getting shorter, sometimes even chillier, is even more delicious. We have nine long months ahead of car pools and sports practice, PTA meetings and conferences, homework and studying. There will be rain and snow and plenty of dark, dark afternoons.

    So this week - let them play.

    Sit outside with your neighbors while the kids shoot hoops or ride their scooters. Eat a popsicle, fire up the BBQ, catch a few fireflies.The kids will get up on the first day of school just like they always have – easily. Kids love the first day of school. It’s just a fun day of school supply sorting, locker finding, and friend reconnecting anyway. They’ll get out of bed just fine. That first evening they’ll be tired. They will eat a nice dinner, load their backpacks, and fall into bed, exhausted. In just one night your kids will be back into the familiar school routine without a single wasted summer moment.Play outside these last few nights. Stay up late if you want! Summer is slipping away.
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