Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Finds: Chalkboard Labels

I'm just crazy about this chalkboard craze. Which is weird, because I don't like the feel of chalk. (Chalk Ink was the answer to that "touchy" problem - looks great, too!)

Anyhow, these Avery Chalkboard Labels are so much fun. 

These are perfect for boxes and bins - and they're removable!

The scalloped edge on this one looks great on containers in the kitchen, laundry room, or linen closet.

These come with a border!

And I can hardly resist these little Avery Chalkboard Tags - perfect on a gift or for labeling baskets. 

Have fun with your chalkboard labels. Find them at Staples or online. They retail for about $5.99-$9.99 (depending on the size).

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Find: Time Timers

Recently, I attended the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) conference. At the Expo, I came across the newly designed Time Timer... a useful tool for anyone who struggles with time management. 

I was thrilled to see their new fashionable line of colored desk clocks and updated Time Timer PLUS

For a limited time, the 3" desk clocks come in bright spring colors (personally, green is my favorite, but the blue is nice too). 

The Time Timer PLUS has a new sleek look with a new sturdy handle and enclosed cover to protect the clock face. 

Time Timer PLUS $37.50
3" Desk Clock $29.95

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not So Totally Orderly

Photo by Zion, MorgueFile Free Photos
Organizing projects I love: closets, kitchens, a massive pile of paper. Mudrooms are my favorite, and I've never met a playroom that didn't beckon.

Organizing projects I tolerate: garages, basements, sheds  - basically any space that provides safe shelter for  spiders.

Organizing projects that leave me stymied: meal planning, kids’ chores, time and task management. Actually, I don’t mind assisting a client with these challenges; I’m just not very good at them myself. I think I've tried a dozen different ways to consistently get dinner on the table, and I still find myself staring in the freezer at 5 PM.

It’s been ten years since I launched Totally Orderly, and this has become clear: I am not-so-totally-orderly. Oh, I’m orderly in lots of ways. My pantry is always ship shape. My papers are filed just so. But I definitely have my own organizing demons.

So welcome to Not So Totally Orderly – true confessions of a professional organizer who doesn't always see the simple solution. But I’ll search for that easy, good enough, done-but-not-perfect solution – not just because I know my clients will appreciate it, but because I need it, too! 

Tell me - in what ways are you not-so-totally-orderly?