Thursday, April 23, 2015

NAPO2015 Expo Fun New Products

The National Association of Professional Organizers held their Annual Conference and Organizing Expo last week. Though I found no shortage of new and innovative products to keep us productive, these four simple items spoke to me as they addressed some of my own organizing challenges.

The NEET Cable Keeper by NEET Products

NEET Cable KeeperM: Cable Organizer Designed for mobile device cables 3ft/100cm or longer - Cable Not Included

Tired of that tangled mess of charging cords? This handy new product – like a zippered sock for cables - actually serves a dual purpose. It keeps your cords knot-free and separate from one another; while an internal wire (think wire-edged ribbon) allows you to “shape” your cables and protect their connection sites.  My recommendation: zip a different colored one over each charging cord for tangle-free organizing.

The Time Timer Watch PLUS by Time Timer

The Time Timer is much revered by those who:
·         overestimate task completion times
·         underestimate task completion times
·         struggle with ADHD
·         need to “see”  the passage of time
·         like to focus for short periods of time
The watch version keeps the amazing Time Timer concept “on hand” at all times – and who can resist the lime green? My recommendation: try the Watch PLUS if you’re already a Time Timer fan; newcomers can get acquainted with Time Timer via the APP

The Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer by Wrap iT

Rolls of gift wrap are unwieldy at their best, boxing partners at their worst. This gift wrap organizer is the best I’ve seen. The deluxe version will even tame those longer 40” rolls! Plenty of pockets hold cards, tags, bags, ribbon, bows, and of course, scissors and tape.  The bag has a slim silhouette and hangs nicely in a closet. My recommendation: by two – one for all occasion and the other for the holidays.

The Grab n’ Go by Finder Enterprises

Part charging station, part personal valet, the Grab n’ Go by Finder Enterprises is a simple solution for those oft’ misplaced items like keys, phone and wallet. Available in white or smoke, the Grab n’ Go can accommodate up to six mobile devices, comes with pre-printed plus blank labels and is affordable at just $24.95.  My recommendation: declare a “no electronics in bed” rule and use the Grab n’ Go as a family charging station elsewhere in the house.
Do any of these products provide an organizing solution for you?

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