Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Little Free Library of Our Own

Have you heard about the Little Free Library movement? It’s this great concept of building tiny libraries in neighborhoods and parks for locals to share books. The first one was built in 2009 and now they are all over the world!

My family loved this idea so much, we just built one!  Within hours of its installation we found neighbors standing around swapping books. 

The other day I found this little gem in our LFL – the inscription is priceless. Written in faint pencil, it says:   

Connie M------
Bought with my own --- money. The first I ever made.
August - 1949.

I kept it long enough to snap this photo, and then placed it back into circulation. 

If you’re ready to part with books in good condition, look for a Little Free Library nearby –  you might just find one!

Feel free to view my collection of favorite Little Free Libraries on my Pinterest board or visit for more information. 

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