Thursday, July 24, 2014

10 Items Obsolete in 10 Years

In honor of Totally Orderly’s 10 Year Anniversary (2004-2014!), I bought myself a new work bag. We professional organizers love our work bags full of little organizing gizmos and gadgets.  I’ve had at least five bags - one so big my client hesitated to allow me through the door! Another so small I had to ask to borrow a pen. Not impressive. I had a vintage toolbox that proved too heavy, and a bag on wheels with too few compartments.  

This time I settled on a lightweight but roomy black tote with just enough pockets. I found the list of supplies I had created back in 2004, and to my surprise, at least ten were no longer needed – and they were all replaced by a single item – my iPhone! Here goes:

Ten Organizer Work Bag Objects Replaced by Smartphone Apps:

·         Camera – (Gorillacam)
·         PDA – (iCalendar)
·         Calculator – (Calc)
·         Level – (iHandy Level)
·         Laptop – (Tablet)
·         Map to Client’s House – (Google Maps)
·         Handouts/Articles – (Safari – to connect to mywebsite)
·         Photos – (Pinterest)
·         Invoice – (Square)
·         Donation Resources –  (iRecycle)

My bag is so much lighter! There’s still no electronic substitute for paper clips, rubber bands or a good sharpie pen. And I still love a fresh pad of paper. But I don’t miss the rest, and something tells me my work bag will be practically virtual by 2024. What do you think?  

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